Payne Auction Company

Outstanding Firearms Auction

Bloomfield, New Mexico

Auction times:
9 am Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Preview times:
9 am til 5 pm Friday and
8 am til sale time Saturday

We are extremely proud to offer at auction the outstanding estate of Mr. Ken Clark of Aztec, New Mexico. We also have two very nice private collections and several high quality individual consignments.


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Colt Python 357 mag. nickel 6"; Winchester mod. 94 pre 64 32; Winchester mod 70 375 H&H mag; Colt Ace 22lr; Colt MKIV Ser 80 45acp; Remington mod 12 22lr; Weatherby MKV Lazermark; Winchester mod 94 32; Browning Nomad 22lr; P38 9mm; Browning Buck mark 22; Norinco 54-1 7.62x25 plus more!

Bolt Action Rifles

Cooper 21SS 223; Winchester mod. 70(Pre 64) 243 ; Trade Winds mod K63 243; Winchester mod 70 300Win mag; Browning A Bolt Medallion 22-250; SMOS 50cal w/scope; Remington mod 700 VSF 308; Browning Bar Grade I 7mm Rem mag; Remington mod 700 BDL 300 Win mag; Weatherby Vanguard 300Wby mag w/Leupold scope; Browning Bar MK II Safari Grade 7mm mag; Savage mod 12 HB SS 22-250; Savage Axis 22-250; Ruger mod 77 Round top 7x57; Winchester mod 70 XTR 338 Win mag; Ruger MK II 223; Trade Winds mod K62 222Rem mag; Savage Sporter 25-20;Remington mod 788 243; Howa mod 1500 22-250; Remington mod 760 257Roberts; Remington mod 760 30-06;Savage mod 112 222Rem mag; Remington mod 700 30-06; Ruger mod 77 Hawkeye 308; Savage mod 114 270; Howa mod 1500 243; Browning Bar 300 Win mag-Belgium; Mossberg Patriot 25-06; Mossberg Patriot 22-250; Howa 1500Hvy bbl Long range 308; T/C mod Encore 222; Tikka mod 695 280Rem; Marlin mod XL7 30-06; Remington mod 72130-06 w/scope; Remington mod 700 243 w/scope; Savage mod 340 30-30; Winchester mod 70 300 Win mag; Remington mod 742 30-06; Savage mod 16 7mm WSM SS; Remington mod 700 270; Remington mod 700 ADL 243 w/scope; Ruger mod 77 7mm Rem mag w/scope; Weatherby Vanguard 7mm mag; Remington mod 700 (Syn) 270; Howa mod 1500 270; Ruger mod 77 Hawkeye 30-06; T/C Encore Rifle 222; Winchester mod 100 284; Winchester mod 43 218BEE; CVA mod Hunter 7mm-08; Weatherby Vanguard 300 Wby mag; Winchester mod 1907 351; CZ Mauser mod VZ24 7mm Rem mag; Remington mod 700 ADL 30-06; 2Savage mod 111 270; Savage mod 10 308; Savage mod Axis 30-06; Mossberg mod 100ATR 243; Remington mod 783 308; Remington mod 710 30-06; Remington mod 700 ADL 7mm mag; German mod K98 30-06; Ruger mod American 223; Browning mod Short Trac 243-left handed.

Lever Action Rifles

Savage mod 99 250-300; Winchester High wall 32; Sringfield mod 1873 Trapdoor 45-70; Winchester mod 92 25-20; Winchester mod 1892 32WCF #5535; Winchester mod 88 308; Marlin mod 1895 45-70; Rossi mod 92 45L.C.; Winchester mod 94AE 30-30; Winchester mod 1894 25-20 26” oct. bbl; Henry mod H001 22LR; Henry mod H001M 22mag; Winchester mod 94 30WCF; Winchester mod 1892 25-20 Oct bbl; Winchester mod 94 32 WS; Navy Arm mod 66 carbine 38spcl; Winchester mod 94 30-30 pre 64; Winchester mod 94 30 WCF; Winchester mod 94 30-30; Winchester mod 88 243; Savage mod 99C 250 savage

Winchester Commemotatives

Winchester mod. 94 22XTR Annie Oakley 22lr; Winchester mod 94 Chief Crazy Horse 38-55; Winchester mod 94 Ranger 32 spcl; Winchester mod 94 Legendary Lawmen 38-55; Winchester mod 94 Wells Fargo 30-30; Winchester mod 94 Golden Spike 30-30; Winchester mod 94 Canadian Centennial 30-30; Winchester mod 94 Buffalo Bill 30-30; Winchester mod 94 Teddy Roosevelt 30-30; Winchester mod 94 Legendary Lawmen 30-30


Winchester mod 62 22lr ser#2409; Winchester mod 890 22WRF #58659; Stevens mod crackshot 22lr #4338; Winchester mod 1890 22wrf #40468; Winchester mod 1903 22lr; Winchester mod 1906 22lr #492129; Winchester mod 1890 22wrf #493013; Rossi mod 62 22lr; Stevens 22 #897; Winchester mod 63 22lr; Winchester mod 72 22lr; Winchester mod 77 22lr; Winchester mod 74 22lr; Winchester mod 69A 22lr; Winchester mod 69 22lr; Savage/Anschutz mod 141m 22mag; Remington mod 552 22lr; Savage mod 93F 22mag; GSG mod 5 22lr; Ruger mod 10/22 Take down 22lr; Anschutz mod 1903 22lr; Savage mod sporter 22; Remington mod Sports Master 22lr; Keystone mod single shot 22lr; Stevens mod visible loader 22lr; Ruger mod 10/22 22lr ss; CJ Higgins mod 30 22lr; Remington mod 597 22lr; Remington mod 522 viper 22lr; Mossberg mod 702 Plinkster 22lr; Marlin mod60 22lr; New Haven mod 251C 22lr; Ruger mod 10/22 22lr NIB; Mossberg mod 802 22lr; Remington mod nylon 66 22lr; Remington mod 514 22lr; Winchester mod 74 22lr; Remington mod nylon76 22lr; Remington mod 591m 22lr; Norinco mod ATD 22lr; Remington mod nylon Apache 22lr; Mossberg mod 702 22lr; Marlin mod 795 22lr.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

Plametto mod PA15 223; Bushmaster mod carbine 15 223; Ruger mod mini 14 223; Ruger mod mini 14 223 folding stock; Yugo mod SKS 7.62x39; Romanian mod SKS 7.62x39; Bushmaster mod CM 15 223; Century Arms mod CPWSR 7.62x39; Colt mod AR 15 Match target 223; Auto Ordinance mod 30mI 30cal; Iver Johnson mod MI Carbine AA05999; Iver Johnson mod MI Carbine AA05928; High Point mod 995 9mm; H&K mod MP5A5 22; Century Arms mod CIAL Sporter; 308; Mossberg mod MVP 5.56; Anderson mod AM 15 Stripped lower; E3 Arms Lower; E3 Arms Omega 15 Lower; E3 Omega 15 5.56/223 16” Wyde bbl. Upper; Delton 5.56 upper; Spikes Tactical Badger Multical.; Spikes Tactical Spartan Multical; Spikes Tactical Crusader Multical


Colt Bisley 45 Colt #215615 w/letter; Colt SA 32 WCF #162951; Cost SA 45 Long Colt #80882; Colt Bisley 38 WCF #239311; S&W mod 629-1 44mag Highly Engraved; Colt Lightning DA 38 #94308; Colt Lightning DA 38 #85473; Colt SA 45 #80748; Colt SA 38 WCF #197679; Colt DA 38; Colt Frontier six shooter 45LC #80709; Colt Police Positive 38 S&W; Colt DA 32 #27016; Iver Johnson Collectors set all with same ser# mod 55A, 57A, 50A, 67 all with ser# 346 22cal; Colt mod Thunder 45 #10440; S&W mod DA 38 #271696; Colt mod New Service 45LC #97036; Ruger Single Ten 22lr; S&W mod 14-4 38S&W; S&W mod 10 38spcl in box; S&W mod 15-3 38 S&W; H&R Sportsman 22lr; Ruger Mod Blackhawk 357 mag 3 screw; Ruger mod Security Six 357 mag 200 year; Hawes mod 21S 22lr in box; Hi Standard mod Sentinel R101 22; Talon mod 10 Belt Buckle 22lr; Ruger Single Six 22mag 3 screw; Remington mod Iroquois 22lr; Colt Police Positive 38 S&W; Hopkin & Allen Safety Police 32; Baby Hamerless 1910 22lr; Colt Frontier Scout 22lr; Savage mod 101 22lr; American mod Bulldog 32; Cimarron mod #3 Schofield 45 LC; S&W mod mini revolver 22; Cimarron Lightning 45LC; Heritage Rough Rider 22/22mag; Heritage Rough Rider 22


Kimber mod Custom Target II 45acp; Kimber mod Gold Match II SS 45acp; High Standard HD Military 22 LR; Colt mod Challenger 22LR; H&K mod USP 45acp; Springfield mod KD 45 45acp; S&W mod 645 45acp; High Stand Dura/match 101 22LR; Thompson Contender 357 mag & 44 mag bbls; American Tactical mod 191145acp; Glock mod 32 357 Sig; Glock mod 22 40S&W; Berretta mod PX4 9mm;Cobra Denali 380; S&W mod M&P 40S&W; High Point mod CF38HC 380; S&W mod SD40VE 40 Auto; S&W mod Shield 9mm; EAA mod Witness 9mm; Ruger mod TaloLC9S 9mm w/Laser sight; CPA mod MC14 380; Ruger mod P94 40S&W; Ruger mod P95 9mm; Ruger mod Charger 22LR; Taurus mod 605, 357; Taurus mod 85ultra 38spcl; 2Taurus mod PT111 9mm; 2 Taurus mod PT100 40; Taurus mod 809 9mm; Taurus mod 85 ultra 38spcl; Taurus mod PT22 22lr; Taurus mod 738 380; Taurus mod 809 9mm; Chiappa mod M9 9mm; Spike Tact mod Sparten 223; 2-Century Arms mod TP9 9mm; Inter Tex mod Tex 22 22; SCCY mod CPXI-TT 9mm; Taurus mod 111 Pro G2 Millenium Pro 9mm; S&W mod M&P Shield 9mm; S&W mod M&P Shield 40 S&W; S&W mod Shield 45 acp; S&W mod S Dove 9 9mm; S&W mod S Dove 40 40 S&W; High Point mod C9 9mm; Trip Research mod Race Gun 38 super; Colt 32 Auto; Thompson Contender 357 mag; Keltic Mod. 501 9mm; Aii mod Fire Fly 22; American Arms mod. PXC01 22lr; Ruger MKI 22 cal; Ruger MKI 22cal ser#317290 old model


Fab Arm mod XLRS Velocity 12 ga Trap/Skeet;Browning mod Soperposed 12ga; Winchester mod 101 12ga; Remington mod 1187 Super mag 12ga 31/2”; Stevens mod 512 O/U 28ga; Ithaca mod mag10 10ga; Browning A500R 12ga; Winchester mod 12 20ga; Weatherby Orion II 12ga; Weatherby mod 82 12ga; Browning mod A-5 light 12 12ga; Winchester mod 9410 410ga; Savage mod 18 Series F 410ga; Winchester mod Diamond grade skeet 12ga; Winchester mod 12 12ga; Winchester mod 24 12ga; Remington mod 870 Express 12ga; Boito O/U 12ga; Winchester mod 12 12ga; Mossberg 5500 12ga; Rock Island M5 12ga; Mossberg mod 88 w/side load Venom drum 12ga; Winchester mod 1200 12ga; Pointer mod 1000 O/U 20ga youth; Mossberg Maverick 88 12ga 3”; Remington mod 870 youth 20ga; Ithaca mod SxS 20ga; Highland Arms SxS 12ga; Marlin 60G 410ga; Remington mod 58 12ga; Nelchimbo 410 ga; H&R Topper 410ga; Remington mod 870 20ga; Baikal O/U 20ga; American Arms mod Silver H 12ga; Sears mod 300 12ga w/ 22”Rifled bbl; Pointer mod 1000 O/U 20ga.

Black Powder

CVA mod Squirrel mod 32 cal; Manton London Rev. 45 cal; Juke 45 cal; Markwell 45 cal; Jukr Spain 45 cal; Pietta Rev. 44cal; Austin & Halleck 50 cal; Pedersoli 50cal; CVA Electic 50 cal; Knight mod MK85 50cal

Gun Related and Miscellaneous

Nice collection of bits & spurs; RT Frazier saddle; Collection of pocket watches; Leupold scopes; Binoculars; Large assortment of Ammo; Assortment Leather Holsters; Fox Pro Spitfire Predator call; Assortment of knives; Assorted Gun related items; Several Navajo Rugs; Several Native American baskets; Several pieces of Native American pottery; 3- Token Slot machines.



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500 South Bloomfield Boulevard
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Conducted by:
Bob and Dal Payne
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